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Freeing your design concepts.


This is 'DecoFACE'


  • patented outdoor wallpaper for highly individual decors on facades. For exclusive interior design solutions too.
  • durable and safe decor thanks to sealed image carrier with good grip.
  • robust protection of the sub-base.
  • cleanable and oriented towards future requirements.
  • value preserving wall design:
                                   - no stentering frame structure
                                   - no damage to sub-base
                                   - no flapping.


Manufacturing & processing

  • printed on tested special image carrier
  • based on high-resolution data (motifs from high-resolution graphics, illustrations, photos, paintings or image databases)
  • in state-of-the-art digital printig process
  • delivery als rolled goods (max. width 150cm, max. height 800cm) with layout drawing
  • coating on ready-to-paint surface by professional painter or DIY according to layout drawing: embedding picture carrier into adhesive bedding (DecoFACE special adhesive); sealing alfter hard-drying.


Your design ideas are free.

For lateral thinkers. Professional painters and coaters. Architects. Builders in charge. Creative individualists.

For all those looking for new ways in decoration technology. Go for personalized facade and wall design. On thermal insulation surface too.